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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Downward Dog

in that interlude
between the start and finish
grotesque shades of change
become quite evident
in this chemistry called life

~when I bend, downward dog,
to tie a shoelace fallen
into a state of wild neglect
my eyes now choose to
close from the bottom up

Poefusion Friday 5 Prompt: grotesque, chemistry, shoelace, neglect and interlude


paisley said...

hell yes.. that is perfection,.... i am so jealous... i will not even be working on mine till tomorrow and there are already soooo many excellent entries!!!!!

Christine Gail said...


An excellent piece of writing!

the last two lines....AMAZING!!!

loved it :)

poefusion said...

Yoga is always so soothing. Don't you wish everything in life could be so simple? I enjoyed this very much. It was beautiful. This line my eyes now choose to close from the bottom up made me think of entering into a calmer place and of giving up. Have a nice day.

susan said...

Well done.

And Happy Friday!

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deathsweep said...

Nice, Nice, Nice!

Anonymous said...

"my eyes now choose to
close from the bottom up" ...wow, you captured it so well. To put it so simply is beautiful...thank you Sue.

Anonymous said...

Any poem that makes a reference to a yoga pose is on my list of favorites.

Going upside down changes our perspective immediately, and you capture this headspin so well.

Anonymous said...

as i do yoga, i know what it means..

Q said...

Ahh..once again I am tickled and awed. Remarkable poem from the word prompts.
Using "downward dog" set the image. You are very good.
I wonder if I remember how to get into downward facing dog? If so will I be able to get back up?
Thank you,

little wing writer said...

beautifully spoken...i can hear the soft spoken calm it brings...