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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


This weeks idea is "utopia". Since we are living our lives at such a frantic pace with more to-do's than ever before... what is your idea of a place or even a day that is perfect? Prompted by Traveling Poetry Thursday.

To this, I add my own disclaimer: 'Watch what you get - it may be something you wished for!'

summer - my utopia - idle days of balmy and bright
sun's rays glazing water, moonbeams from the night

fresh grass, blooming plants, lonely roads, a trace of heat
my bronze tinted
body, jacket-free and sock-less

fragrance of flowers, hum of bird movement
al fresco lunch and carefree ambles into dusk

dishwasher emptied with home and garden
upkeep sans my hand, freshly steamed coffee

creative play with broadband, colorful banter/blog
long drives in the woods, bursts of laughter and song

and Utopia for others ~what they wish it to be
health and happiness but, please, eighty degrees for me

Video clip composed in Photo Story. Digital photos by Sue.
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Writing on Board said...

Love that. "Play with broadband." Spider digital is great too. And thank you Sue.

Clare said...

Hi Sue! Wonderful poem with such great summer images! And yes, 80 degrees sounds perfect to me, also. I love you video clip! Very creative and so beautiful.

Rambler said...

I hate summer so much, but your poem made me like it :)..

nice words :)

Jo said...

You may keep your 80 degrees, that's way to hot for me LOL. What a blissful post!

UL said...

makes me wish summer wasnt gone!

Odessa said...

amen to that. you perfectly captured everything that i feel about summer - 80 degrees included!

btw, i love your profile description! hope you don't mind that i added you to my blogroll.


Greggo said...

nice poem! i also liked your video presentation, and especially the haiku at the beginning. :-)