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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Comet and Ghost Head

one windy October night
long after the sun grew cold

somewhere out in distant space
at cross-quarter point of time

a gathering storm stumbled
upon the great Ghost Head Nebula

Comet Holmes tracked the moon
blazed a trail with dragon flames

the sky split with ghastly light
I prayed ET would phone

Prompt by 3WW, Phone, Stumbled and Windy


Anonymous said...

I believe ET finally phoned home :)
That was delightful

Shephard said...

I love it!
"The sky split with ghastly light."
Great line. Really fun and lively read. Very nice, as always.

paisley said...

the combined powers of nature... kind of like a perfect storm in the heavens....

RomanceWriter said...

blazed a trail with dragon flames

Love that line. How very vibrant.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful, "I pray ET would phone"..you bring such beautful childhood memories, loved it.

Q said...

Laughing and having a fun Halloween.
Ghost Head Nebula is very beautiful.
Such a sweet treat, thank you.
Happy Halloween.

actonbell said...

Comet Holmes tracked the moon
blazed a trail with dragon flames

I love the sound of that. And ET makes a great ending! Great job:)

Anonymous said...

What a great poem, Susan. Loved:

blazed a trail with dragon flames

and the ET line made me smile.

Clare said...

Beautiful images -- I really like the feeling of isolation and the vastness of the universe in this, with comet and nebula -- fantastic! Dragon flames are gorgeous, too. And the ending was a delightful and unexpected surprise! Amazing fractal, too.

Beau Brackish said...

Beautiful imagery. I wish I was sky gazing on this clear night, with a laptop, a warm seater and an extra long chord, enjoying the vastness of your poem and keeping an eye out for ET. His parents must be concerned about him. As always, your poems are a delightful read.

Mad Kane said...

Ha. Loved that punchline! :)
Mad Kane

Jo said...


Gay said...

Too fun, especially the punch line.

Truefaith1963 said...

LOL! ET phone home - that was an awkward word wasn't it. Lovely image of the storm and the nebula.

little wing writer said...

loved the way you brought it in for a landing...neverneverland...

Anonymous said...

Did he phone?


TC said...

Oh man, I cracked up when I read the ending. That was great :)

I now want to see that movie, of course.

poefusion said...

Loved the first stanza and the line 'blazed a trail with dragon flames' but, it was the last line that won it for me. Keep up the good work.


Rae Trigg said...

I liked the line about the storm stumbling on the Ghost Nebula. Fittingly spooky for Halloween.

Bone said...

Thanks for playing again this week. I think you win the award so far for best use of "phone" :)

Anonymous said...

nice job, loved the imagery.