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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Simple Pleasures

family cluster
joie de vive

old jokes told
laughing tears rolling

pressed against my arm
child's warm hand

launching spring
sap green sprouts peeking
first robin

coffee aroma
arrival of a new day

Original Watercolor by Sue...feel free to visit her abstract gallery
Prompt by One Deep Breath


Jodi Peary said...

They are all lovely. The pressing of the child's palm particularly touched my heart. jodi wildvines.blogspot.com

spacedlaw said...

The last one made me smile.
Too often coffee means another day at the office for me. But yes, you are right, it is also a new day and therefore an opportunity.

Jo said...

Oh they are all so good, but how I love the first and third....yes, especially the third, it is magical.

Anonymous said...

You are rich in simple pleasures! I loved all of them.

Anonymous said...

So much of our lives are filled with simple pleasures if we but notice. You have brought my attention to many I have also shared. I love my coffee in the morning too. Lovely.

Rae Trigg said...

I liked all of them, but especially the one about old jokes and laughing. Time spent with family and friends is all too short.

Becca said...

These are all so rich and evocative - beautiful :)
I especially love the homage to coffee!

Q said...

These are so true.

Old jokes told
laughing tear rolling

is my favorite...

At a family gathering last week I noticed very little laughter;
very little silliness. We need little ones around to remind us.
Thanks again for smiles.

Roswila said...

Really resonate with that last one. Even though I've never drunk coffee, the smell of it in the morning is quite something delightful ....

Clare said...

Hi Sue! Your haiku are always such a wonderful treat! I love them all and especially the lines "laughing tears rolling" and "sap green sprouts peeking" -- beautiful!

Gilson said...

Wow! Those very fine words echoed color and scent in my head. Well done, Sue! Your work is outstanding.

Anonymous said...

These were wonderful words to wake up to this morning... thank you.

Anonymous said...

so many pleasures . . . so little time!!