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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Screenless in Idaho

Screen doors always annoyed me. The screens are invariably misshapen by casual hands which don't mesh with the handle. The slamming noise always startles me, even when I'm the slammer.

Grown up and free, I designed my own second door.

A sheer curtain hangs in the door jamb by a tension rod to allow the view, light and fresh air through the entry while deterring bugs, birds and stray cats. It moves a bit in the breeze. Too much? A length of chain in the bottom hem keeps it more stable. It's easy to put up and remove (night and morning), washable and silent while at the same time it fascinates children and tickles old friends.

The German Shepherd who visits occasionally backs up and makes a run through the filmy stuff even though the rod falls and clips him smartly on the head about half the time. But, hey, that's better than staying outside alone.

Some pleasures come late in life!

The picture is a digital photo of a hummingbird superimposed on a fractal background. The editing and manipulation were done in MS Digital Image Suite.

1 comment:

Erin said...

I came to thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog, but got way-laid meandering through yours. I wish I had the eye to create visual art as you do, but I paint as well as the elephant at the zoo, and my photography tends to end in a beheading.

Anyway, I do thank you for your comment on my blog, and you can count on me hanging around here a bit as well, beautiful the way you put words and pictures together.