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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Possibilities and Magic

Three Year Old returned intending to swim like a fish but got sidetracked by the pool noodles which, last visit, turned into rainbows in his hands. Yesterday he convinced us that the noodles were fishing poles and soon the adults were sheepishly 'catching', 'reeling' and challenging others to pull in a bigger figment.

That's where children live and play. It's no wonder they have trouble with no and can't do that. To them, possible is now and impossible follows about thirty seconds later.

We fished and kicked our legs while sitting in magic chairs (made by hanging one-armed to the pool coping and raising our legs) and in some strange way, I dread the day he gets a grip on his imagination. It's rare that magic returns until it's encouraged by a daring three-year-old.

This photo was taken (with a Minolta Dimage E50) when the dad took the tyke out of the water for a little rest. The next dream is visible in the eyes.

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Naturegirl said...

Eyes and tears of an angel for sure!