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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sailing to September

Dawn pulls the sun
to the mountain crest
wild turkeys grumble up hill

a doe challenges
the Shepherd pup
bound to keep us safe.

Before full light,
turkeys retrack clumsy steps
the doe backs into the forest

one hummer checks the feeder
departs to grapevine tidings

early risers start the coffee,
aroma rouses others

hungry folks fill the kitchen
planning lazy time
during hearty breakfast prep.

A zephyr from the lake
stirs red geraniums
blue lobelia in deckside planters.

Whiny jet skis heat the day,
sailboats stalk the shore
for the last of summer play.


Naturegirl said...

Sue I never look forward to Sept. because my favorite season is summer.You show me with this poem that "sailing into Sept." is not so bad.I picture myself out at the lake snuggled in my flannels waking to the hot coffee and all the sights and sounds you describe!Your comment on my "PINK" was ever so generous! Thank you! :)

Omar Basawad said...

Beautifully written! You are very observant and use words excellently!

Anonymous said...

That stirs a very strong and beloved memory in my heart and soul. You just say it all so beautifully!