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Saturday, April 22, 2006

The temperature reached 70 before I did

Whew! It was close. I feared I'd hit that number first. It's been a long, long winter with so few glimpses of sun and so few touches of warm that time warped. Doubly tough for this solar fan.

Today's walk in the woods with family members, including a 3-year old hyper kid and a shepherd dog which wore himself out doing round-up for all of us, was a delightful break from the gray and wet. Yesterday, the pool men opened that hole in the ground so hope is on the rise.

I've gained a larger level of frustration since the illegal immigrants began their protests and the illegal part of their status is ignored. There's a large difference between legal and illegal.

The new catalog from Daniel Smith presented several new watercolors. I'll order them. I cannot turn down a fresh color and their paints are incredibly useable.

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Anonymous said...

Very wonderful my dear mother. You are amazing, and I'm glad you're mine. Love your stories......!

And you.