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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bleeding Hearts

Last weekend brought the area's first spring weather and three local tragedies.

Friday, a bright 16-year old girl in the driver's seat of an SUV, which also carried her father and two brothers, crossed the center line where she hit a truck and killed herself instantly. Her father and brothers are hospitalized in critical condition.

Saturday evening, a local middleaged man fell overboard from his 54-foot cruiser and his wife was unable to save him. His body was recovered yesterday.

Sunday, a bubbly, slim blonde lady slit her wrists and neck when her husband went outside to mow the yard. Their daughter and very young grandson stopped to visit in time to save her for stitching and hospitalization. Her physical damage is extensive and the emotional damage to her, her family and a wide circle of friends and acquaintances will never heal.

There's little we can do. Words drop like rocks without touching. Thoughts circle endlessly and uselessly like dogs chasing their tails and, today, I miss the ordinary which is sometimes frustrating in its sameness.

I wonder how many others are lurking at the edge of disaster, by being unaware or careless, where there are no overs except for nightmares and bleeding hearts.

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