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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Once Upon a Rain

disturbed water
bridges one bank
and its greener
grassy other side
at the chill rain

still the ripples
encroach upon
the early calm
and pushy dancing
circles spin against
the rocky shore

Three Word Wednesday prompt words: disturbed, still and bridge
Abstract watercolor by Sue with rain drops by IrfanView


This Girl Remembers said...

I do so love the way you use words. :) Wonderful use of the prompt!

TC said...

I like the visual you get from this well before seeing the watercolor.

Anonymous said...

Very thought provoking.

Norma said...

I love how you used the prompt and the word picture of the rain disturbing the water. Wonderful painting, too.

Linda Jacobs said...

"and pushy dancing
circles spin against
the rocky shore"
is such a delicious image!

Heather Kathleen said...

i can smell the green and hear the water.

pjd said...

While I do like the imagery of this, I love how it sounds when spoken out loud.

Pri said...

lovely!! :)
keep it rolling...

here is my half-baked attempt:

take care!

Truefaith1963 said...

That was lovely!
Wow! I have to read it again - excellent

M as in Mint said...

i agree with Linda. '...pushy dancing circles spin against the rocky shore' is very green, very vivid...Nice picture!

gautami tripathy said...

I like your imagery. Always.

Introducing myself

Christy said...

beautifully written

Sherry said...

Your word use is incredible -- disturbed water...very nice, very vivid!

pia said...

agree about the imagery :) There's something about a ripple that is both soothing and disturbing

And thanks for the wonderful comment

Gilson said...

Both poem and panting have a surreal connotation and blend quite well. Lovely post, Sue!

Marcia (MaeeAugrphie said...

"Pushy dancing circles," is so much more than merely dancing circles. Love it.

LittleWing said...

subtle sounds and images are a beauty... luv stoppin by

Bone said...

I agree with an earlier commenter. I could almost smell the rain and hear it falling.