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Monday, February 11, 2008

Love 'ku

fresh yellow crocus
one white woolly bouncy lamb
farmer's springtime smile


spring jaunt to the lake
giggling family fireside
no sign of brown bats


steaks on the barbie
salad and a side of wine
strawberry shortcake


bare feet
long johns ditched
open doors


Love is the prompt given today by One Deep Breath


Anonymous said...

I will admit that seasonal 'ku are very difficult down here.

I love how transition from serious to funny. :)

Sandy Carlson said...

The relationships between the lines and between the verses suggest a happy life at peace with nature. I like this very much.
Writing in Faith: Poems

watermaid said...

You seem to have emerged from all that snow! There is a playful humour at work.

Fallen Angel said...

happened upon your blog
just want to say
i love Queen Anne's Lace
and the genuine
i found here


Just Jen said...

I burst out laughing at the ditching long johns and going barefoot! I can't wait as spring is trying to get around the corner....

Quiet Paths said...

Truly each is a breath of fresh air! Thank you, from your snowy neighbor to the east.

Anonymous said...

The last one in particular brought a smile to my face.

Krissie said...

lol re the longjohns!! but truly wonderful images evoked of spring and new life coming to the surface again!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent seasonal ku. I most like the bouncing lambs

qualcosa di bello said...

your love for the season really shines in this series

LittleWing said...

beautiful as always... can't wait to see the crocus...and yes, the bats are crazy here... bare feet..yr brave!!!

spacedlaw said...

A celebration of life (and therefore love) with is well balanced.
Nicely done.

judie said...

Love your 'ku. It will be nice when Spring arrives, even tho it isn't cold here...well, not really. Not like Chicago, etc. But Spring always seems like things are being born again.

keith hillman said...

Lovely! Glad to see spring is springing here!

Marja said...

What a refreshing beautiful poem. We already had heaps of steaks on the BBQ. We have had the warmest summer ever.

Anonymous said...

Wow... thanks for the glimpse of Spring... it's still a long, long winter.

Debi Bender said...

Mmm. Steaks on the barbie. Mmm, steak. I, too, love the thought here:

bare feet
long johns ditched
open doors

I hope you won't mind if I suggest a little bit of transitioning for smoothness of cadence and to make it two parts as haiku, instead of three, which can sound telegraphic. Something to make the love or sharing apparent? Something to the effect of:

four bare feet...
our long johns ditched
at the open door

Well, maybe that's not EXACTLY how you saw and mean it...I can just see two streakers in love heading barefoot out into the (Idaho) neighborhood.

I love your spontaneous feelings of enjoyment of life, family, nature, food and freedom in these poems.

A good exercise when beginning to learn haiku is to work around just one kigo...for instance, "crocus," "lamb" and "springtime" are all spring kigo. Example:

first crocus
spreading out widely...
the farmer's smile

one bouncy lamb—
a smile flickers across
the farmer's face

There have been haiku, even by Japanese master haijin, written with more than one, although they are more rare and can be considered "radical" :^D

I hope it's ok for an old haiku poet to offer a little guidance. I'm not sure if the Haiku: One Deep Breath encourages or allows it, or what? I just know that there are some wonderful, stirring thoughts in each contributing blogger's poems which want to take form as haiku. If its not ok, I'll ditch my long johns for a jaunt outside in Florida's current winter chill.

Andrée said...

I really really enjoyed this! I gather you have spring starting (we don't. sigh). The brown bat and long johns made me chuckle! I'm looking forward to one coming and one going! The lambs were a great vision for me. My One Deep Breath is here.