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Friday, February 01, 2008

February Fib

Fibonacci poem for response to the Poefusion Friday 5 Prompt: crack, brunt, pit, discards, key


crack ~
the seed
bears the brunt
keen cherry pitter
discards none of the juicy flesh
that's her key to a flawlessly prepared red fruit pie


North of Summer, A Decade of Poetry is available at Lulu Publishing


paisley said...

you are god when it comes to so few words... this is lovely

watermaid said...

Brilliant response to the prompt ... and Fibonacci too. You make a few words go a long way. Must have a go at this number thing...

Michelle Johnson said...

This is a wonderful fib and the first this month. Now, if only, everyone could have a piece of that pie. Have a nice weekend.

LittleWing said...

now that's some pie...

Anonymous said...

The image of summer fruit pies is just what I needed on this cold Georgia afternoon. Nice fib!

AnnieElf said...

I've never done this form and I ran to google to find out what it was. How intriguing.