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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Someone Moved the Ends

Michelle at Poefusion Friday 5 posts these words for the weekly prompt: skew, foreign, arithmetic, wailing, travel

as part of a video clip
the foreign affairs yob
plunked aboard the carrier
astride a new parchute strap

with a skew of arithmetic
he began vain wailing
for all to see and hear
the mission was complete

his claim began its travel
in one year and out the other
circled round the globe
but never came to pass

Happy Valentine's Day!


Scott Clawson said...

And yet, the mission was never complete! I found great imagery in your Friday 5! Thanks for sharing it. Happy Valentines Day to you too. :-)

Michelle Johnson said...

My favorite line is with a skew of arithmetic and yob is a new word for me. I enjoyed reading this very much. Your poems are always so good. Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's Day~

Q said...

Dear Sue
Thank you for the laughs!
Both of your poems today gave me such a nice hearty laugh!
Fractal is very pretty!
I can barely type.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...


M as in Mint said...

Haha! One futile tumbling for that yob, huh! :) Funny poem!

nonizamboni said...

I enjoyed reading this and especially liked the last stanza--very clever & true. And the fractal was beautiful.
Have a great weekend!

UL said...

oh this is lovely, you used the words so well, happy V to you, sorry, belated!

gautami tripathy said...

I like the skew reference to arithmetic. It fits!

itchy, scratchy, welted

paisley said...

for some reason this brought the old cat stevens song to mind...."miles from nowhere.."

Christine said...

You taught me a new word-yob.

This young man sounds like he toots his own horn, without reason!