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Friday, February 08, 2008

Synchronized Swimming

Cascade rivers overflow
cross the valley floor
with fluidity of wind
merge into Pacific shores
whalesong fills the sea
where a frenzy of flukes
twirl deep gray with half
a shade from indigo,
rocking flimsy water craft
tourists don eye extenders
and spout winners' words ~
unearth a primal age

Cypress, a watercolor sketch by Sue..Post #300 on this blog.
Poefusion Friday 5 prompt: synchronized swimming, fluidity, whalesong, age


Anonymous said...

These words are the essence of fluidity.

In my mind's eye I traveled the waterways to the sea, and swam with the whales. Really beautiful.

paisley said...

just rolls off the tongue... fluid.. like water.. very lovely

Michelle Johnson said...

Beautiful. I love the way this simply flows across the mind. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful piece. And, I also wanted to add that I love your watercolor, Cypress. Have a nice weekend.

Thanks for your kind words at Poefusion. I am pleased you enjoy the site so well. Happy Writing~

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Your fluid words made me homesick for the Cascades, though I am glad I won't be there this fall to see the resulting floods in Snoqualmie Valley again.

"rocking flimsy water craft
tourists don eye extenders
and spout winners' words ~
unearth a primal age"

Awesome word play, Susan.

gautami tripathy said...

Simply fluid. It rolls off my mind..

endless possibilities

Anonymous said...

I could feel the calm waters around my wounded body.

Q said...

Once again you paint a word water color in my mind. I am one of those tourists!
"Cypress" is a very beutiful watercolor. Your talent is as big and as deep as the ocean.
I came looking for inspiration today and I found it.
Your words and your watercolor fired my spirit.
Thank you,

Mandy said...

a frenzy of flukes

lovely line!

LittleWing said...

what a beauty.. where the shore and river meet... who would have thought from ahab to tourists seeking thrills... beauty of a pix too