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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Can't Not Rant

It's a time of learning.

The smaller-government folks are making laws against civilians and ramping up protection for theirs and their ilk while sowing dragons' teeth and studying athletes' steroidal addiction.

Our state, alone, has the dubious honor of an airport staller (his tapping was heard round the world), a man (who has been likened to a fern) of dubious comport whose computer dials random phones at dusk, one who yearns to make it illegal to coerce a woman into having an abortion, and another electee who'd like to see milk named our state drink. Still another advocates a yellow sticker on auto license plates of those who DUI'd. Not the leading sinners, of course, but the regular drunks. There are those who've decided to fill in part of the small lake in order to make a scenic road wider and speed-friendly.

Government is like crabgrass pushing its way through any tiny crack. Taxes grow, expenses are out the door, the deficit is out of sight and the only smaller things I see are my social security check, dividends and freedom.

I heard the leader of this particular brand announce, in his inimitable fashion, that we should be wary of letting 'the others' gain the White House because THEY would threaten our peace and prosperity. I had massive wtf eye jerk there.

It's a time of learning, all right, but those in power must be using brain stiffeners.


b said...

It just seems impossible to me that people that want smaller government seem to find a lot of time to take control of our lives. What part of "smaller" do you suppose they didn't understand?

Great rant. I can't not rant either!


stebbijo said...

Great post and I agree with you totally. I watched the news tonight on the steroid stuff and my husband and I both wondered why our government can't go after real criminals like - professional pedofiles in high places instead of wasting our money on ridiculous bullarky that will go nowhere? WTF? You are exactly right.

Milk - an Idaho State drink? They got that way wrong and if it passes - someone drank too much beer. That one needs the yellow sticker.

Truefaith1963 said...

That was a quality rant! I liked that very much. Alot better written than my rants. Vocabulary goes out of the window when I start