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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Snow, snow and snow

These photos were taken January 31. Another 1/2 foot of snow is due tonight and another storm due before and during the coming weekend. By the time this posts, we will have a record year of snow and have been declared an emergency area. I keep breathing in hopes of keeping my roof from collapsing. Grin. What a year. Come on, spring!


The Literary Prostitute said...

Wow, I know the snow must get annoying for you, but it makes me want to move farther north. It was 79 degrees here in Houston yesterday, so I had to dig the shorts out of the bottom dresser drawer. I love cold weather, but we don't see much of it here.

watermaid said...

Wow! You are having a time of it with the snow and those icicles... We didn't even get snow when it was forecast for the whole of England. I live in the Hampshire basin which is very sheltered. Today the sun is shining , , , O.K. I won't rub it in.

giggles said...

Gosh I remember it being like that when I was a kid. It would be weeks of snow and mothers would trade off walking a large group of kids to school so we were safe! Only rarely does that happen now. This year we have had dribs and drabs of snow....here for a day or two and then rain washes it away! Very pretty, I hope you have enough supplies! I hear your frustration though!

Stay warm and big hugs to you!

Q said...

Oh my stars! You have snow. Lots of it. Amazing.
State of emergency? Wow!
Be very careful if you have to get out in it. UPS everything.
Let's see if we count today you might have six-eight weeks before Spring? Much better than months.
I count my snow in inches you count yours in feet.
I bet August is nice in your neck of the woods.
Stay safe.
Thank you for posting your snow.

Herb Urban said...

Oy, I thought we had it bad here! I am beyond ready for spring. I'm digging out my copy of Abbey Road and playing Here Comes The Sun for the next month.