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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

R for ABC Wednesday

Retromancy is divination by looking over one's shoulder.

Is this like reading life in a rear view mirror where you review regret or warnings in time to avoid them?

Or could you see what you're going to do? I've been trying to decide whether to write another book, paint a large painting or take a nap. After all, it IS still raining here and it's cold, to boot.

Using retromancy, maybe I could see what I was going to do and remove some of the hardcore stress of decision making.

At any rate, I find this concept rather rattling.

What's your take on retromancy?


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anthonynorth said...

I retromance that if you look over your shoulder too much, you'll eventually trip flat on your face.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, yes! Have to agree with Anthony!! Great post for the R Day! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!

ABC Team

inquisitive-life said...

For me it'll be a great way to review my deeds and probably lurking out all the irregularities of life.

Great Post.

photowannabe said...

Should-a, Could-a, would-a seems like spinning one's wheels.
Looking back doesn't help one go forward.
Love your thought provoking post today. (:0)

B i r g i t t a said...

I don't plan very much any longer and I don't take decisions in advance any longer.
I let things happen and take decisions when needed. It is more fun and relaxing that way :)
I enjoy life very much :)

Roger Owen Green said...

Sounds exhausting. forward is difficult enough.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Jane and Chris said...

You made me think too hard...I'm going for that nap!
Jane x

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Whoa!!! Picture my head spinning around like as though possessed!
I can't even wrap my head around that notion. Me? Having thoughts that would be considered divine? Hmmmm...but, what a great word! You excel as tracking down the obscure!

J.Rylie.C said...

I love being part of ABC, it enRiches my vocabulaRy. You choice of R is teRRific!

Would you mind to visit my R post, please?

Hildred said...

I really would give this some thought, but my neck doesn't allow me to look over my shoulder these days. Perhaps I should practice retromance, or maybe improve my peripheral vision.

Reader Wil said...

My dictionaries are too oldfashioned to tell me what retromancy is and on this i pad I cannot google it. But anyway when it is looking back, I think I will feel unhappy to see all the stupidities I did and which are irreparable.

MERYL JAFFE, PhD - parent, psychologist, teacher, author... said...

I have my hands full juggling what needs to be done going forward, and reflect way too much.

Great word.

Kay L. Davies said...

I neither regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it, but I certainly don't want to be looking over my shoulder at it all the time.
Great word for R day, however!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Carver said...

That's a new word for me. Great post for the letter R.

Beverley Baird said...

Have not heard that word before - and I just may not again! lol
Have a great week!

Q said...

If I looked over my "right" shoulder I might be able to see my reticent shadow.
While attempting any divination it would be best for me to go ahead and resupinate.
Results from such action could result in the need to rest.
Most enjoyable post.

jabblog said...

It's an interesting skill but hopeless if you've got a stiff neck;-)

Anonymous said...

Love learning new words, and this was a good one! For me, the saying goes, "Hindsight is 20/20, but that doesn't guarantee nearsightedness in the future." In other words, I do tend to make the same mistake again an again because I don't compare the coming situation against past experience. Amy

EG CameraGirl said...

I prefer to live in the present and look a short way into the future. :)

Lolamouse said...

Keep looking over your shoulder to see your future and your future will hold many visits to the chiropractor!