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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

P for ABC Wednesday

Photos, Programs, Paintings and Post-Processing

This tiny free program    http://sourceforge.net/projects/ascgen2/  produces a photo in text plus it permits a choice of font and letters. Experiments create a plethora of style and color with your favorite font. Some photos translate better than others and it's always fun to see what transpires.

It works very well with faces, but I thought I'd try this particular piece which is the text version of the watercolor painting header. I used the default parameters.

Isn't this a perfect touch of magic?

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Roger Owen Green said...

You've always been more technosavvy than I. And two posts in a row with the word 'plethora'!

Roger Owen Green said...

Oh, and you figured out your ABC Wednesday link wasn't working, deleted and reposted! This is GREAT. You have no idea how much we appreciate that!

anthonynorth said...

Ah, if only I was techie minded ;-)

Anonymous said...

I know what I'll be doing the rest of the day. :-) Thanks for the idea and link.

Joy said...

That is so clever, you do find some interesting things. Must admit I find all technology just like magic.

Verna Luga said...

rich painting.. you're so techy... maybe I was just born to appreciate... well done!
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photowannabe said...

You have found something so interesting. My computer skills are minute but think I will give it a try sometime. Perfect post for P. Thanks

Carver said...

I like that. Great choice for P.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

How cool is that? I'm afraid to go and try it for fear that I will be sidetracked with it for more time than I should! But you know I will...I can't resist!

Kay L. Davies said...

I guess, like Roger and Anthony, I'm not techie enough. I tried to download this program, and I got it into my "Downloads" file but can't get it to open. Maybe it doesn't like my iMac.
So, as you can probably tell, I was impressed! Good for you!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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ChrisJ said...

Sounds like something I would like to do but like others I'm not sure my skills are good enough. Now if I could find a couple more hours in my day I think I could probably figure it out.

Reader Wil said...

You are awfully clever in technical skills. I am not going to try this program. My daughter might do this.she is an engineer and knows how to work the computer.
Thanks for your visit!

Self Sagacity said...

Cool. Would love to go for it, but promised myself not to overload my computer.