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Thursday, October 01, 2009

For Read Write Poem #94


crisp suits and power ties
silken saris on pampered bodies
turn backs upon their own
for whom the axe now tolls

cleansed by camera’s eye
much as night hides the lie
they congregate in lands
where death is served as daily fare

those who'll never know
a stomach’s growl 
and those who looked away
to birth a plague

silken suits and power saris
give swag to tarnished hands
indisposed to heal those
for whom the axe now tolls



Paul Oakley said...

crisp suits and power ties
silken saris on pampered bodies
silken suits and power saris

Very nice the way you return to your initial image, with a little twist, in your last stanza, ever so slightly blurring distinctions.

Paul Oakley
Blogging his ReadWritePoem poems at
Inner Light, Radiant Life

mingus said...

"those who'll never know
a stomach’s growl
and those who looked away
to birth a plague"

very deep words indeed! thanks for this!

Donald Harbour said...

Wouldn't humanities world be so much more supportive of life if the indifference and greed of certain cultures did not inbreed their daily fare? Your empathetical expression seems to be a consistent nadir. Thanks for putting it into such relevant and concise poetry.

Mark said...

I dunno what I can add to the above except that I like it.

Anonymous said...

I really like the way the nouns in this roll off the tongue; you are economical with articles, and it gives the poem a strong cadence and flow. The return with modification to the suits and saris at the end is powerful and ironic.

anthonynorth said...

Oh, for tolerance.
Excellently done.

Cynthia Short said...

This was very disturbing and true..very well written...

Unknown said...

What a powerful voice you have given your words through your imaginative composition. Thanks for posting this human reflection of our world.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how we see contrasts. Interesting too, how we also don't. Ability and need - two things the world is very full of, day by day. Thank you for this poem.

Francis Scudellari said...

Great title, and very provocative poem. It captures well the growing divide.

sgreerpitt said...

wow. really intriguing, makes me want to know more. like everyone else, the phrases about suits and saris really make an impact.

Ana said...

brings a new perspective to g-20 for sure...

Julie Jordan Scott said...

a poetic juggernaut. Thank you.

gautami tripathy said...

Power Saris.. I do relate to that!

let the red bleed

Belle said...

Talk about a metaphorical punch to the gut! This was too fabulous and moving for mere words. Makes me look seriously at how I turn a blind eye too...

Zouxzoux said...

Very provocative - great job!

Kat Mortensen said...

Now I remember!

This is a vivid look at the situation. I loved "power saris" particularly.

Have you seen "The Girl in the Cafe"?(May sound irrelevant, but it's not.)
Check Imdb.com for details.

James said...

I really like this. The line about the way the camera can cleanse is nice. We so often get a sanitized reality on TV. That idea contrasts nicely with the axe seemingly tolling closer and closer.