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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

G for ABC Wednesday

Note: I cannot comment on those Google Blogs which bear the drop-down menu for ID purposes. Solution?

ABC Wednesday prompts with the letter G for this week. Thanks!

All that glitters is not gold. This glitter is pyrite, fool's gold, and I've sure found more than my share of it with not so much of the real thing.

Those which don't glitter are garnets which are found in local 'digs' and will occasionally come to light while gold panning. While these garnets are not gem quality, they can be polished to an acceptable level of utility.

Wishing each of you the perfect amount of glitter!



Anonymous said...

wishing you the same

love and hugs


jay said...

I have some Fool's Gold! But I don't have any rough garnets in my collection. I bet they look nice, polished, even if they're not gem quality!

Janet Jarrell said...

Metaphorically amusing!

My glitter is in my smile.

Joanna said...

How much glitter is the perfect amount though? Depends on the day I guess. I enjoyed this G post.

Dragonstar said...

You couldn't have made a post more interesting to me - I love minerals and gemstones!

Thanks for your comment on my glass dragon, and on behalf of the ABC Team, thanks for posting in spite of the difficulties!

Q said...

Gemstones do glitter!
Fun gs.

Roger Owen Green said...

don't know why you can't respond to those pull-down menus...
anyway, purty post

Happily Retired Gal said...

I'm partial to SILVER rather than gold. As for your commenting problem, that happened a while back pretty universally and it's one of the reasons I went back to the popup box on my Blogger sites. That said, I've not had trouble leaving comments on sites with drop down windows recently. Has this been going on long?
Hugs and blessings,

anthonynorth said...

A bit of glitter in life is good.

poefusion said...

i have a collection of different rocks/ minerals but pyrite has eluded me for some reason. thanks for the glitter. i'll except it graciously. hope all is well.