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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cheese for Sunday Scribblings

Sunday Scribblings offers this prompt: Cheese.

The summer cabin was in the throes of close. Cupboards were emptied for the winter and the peanut butter had been packed earlier for return to town. Mouse signs in the past week indicated a potential thousand or more who could greet the first person who opened the door in the spring.

An overturned trap, snapped during the night, had only a bit of peanut butter bait and no pest. I reached into the garbage sack for a used paper towel to wipe off the remainder and found the towel used to absorb bacon grease left from the bounteous breakfast.

'Grab a tiny piece of cheese for me, would you, please?' I called out to the feet that passed behind me and a couple of seconds later, my slippery fingers held cheese.

Flash forward twenty minutes. My fingers are still slick, the cheese is in place and the trap is finally set. Surely the purple shades of bruise on my knuckles will be gone in a few weeks.

There will be those who say I deserve pain for attempting to stop a cute little mouse invasion. There will be those who will cheer me on - particularly those who have known people felled by the illness these rodents carry.

But I have no doubt there will be a mouse or two who will wonder who moved the cheese and hid the bacon.



anthonynorth said...

An invasion we can all do without, I think.

poefusion said...

what a delightful story. we had to trap some mice last year that got into our bathroom. we used peanut butter because they can't remove that like they can cheese. hope all is well. have a great day.

Cynthia Short said...

HA! You go get'tem! We have waves of mice that manage to slip their way into our house and our RV. Tried all the "sonic" type repellents, no luck, so now we use the sticky bait traps..ours are also much too smart for the spring traps!

Jim said...

Sue, I came for your OSI but branched out to read this neat little story.
Right away it reminded me of the Ziggy cartoons when he is dealing with his mice and sometimes the cat. Follows are a couple of samples in case you don't get Ziggy with your funny pages:

He doesn't have the mouse visit very often, once a month, and the cat less often still, most often when a mouse or two are present.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful read...
Geez, it reminded me of one that jumped over me when i had to take out my sandals from a rack...Ewhhhh!


zoya gautam said...

.. that is writing skill ! well done ! ..

Anonymous said...

Great story! I hate those spring traps. My grandparents had some hidden behind their couch that I found out about the hard way.

George S Batty said...

the only thing that has ever worked for me is poison. Kills the rats and the mice. cute some might say but I also am not keen on the diseases they can carry. even the droppings are dangerous. nice writing

Frances said...

As always a delight.
Another delight - Your Lulu Bookstore & your profile pic as well as well as the profile itself.
I don't remember seeing them on previous visits.
Keep those well-chosen tumbling onto the page :)
Thanks for visiting

Jeeves said...

Nice read,,,,enjoyed this trap

Dee Martin said...

You go girl. I hate the little things!

Powell River Books said...

As crazy as it sounds, we have started live trapping mice at our cabin. We live on a lake so take them across the water so they don't return. We also trap the pesky woodrats that come this time of year to set up nests in our woodshed. So far so good with no little guys taking up residence indoors. - Margy

Tammy Brierly said...