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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monday Haiku for OSI

pre-spring sunlight
cloud washed gray at midday
shadows of night


country road
disappears in the gap
foothills close in


silent forenoon
lake flat as a mirror
sudden Ski-doos


devoid of aspect
moon treks between the signs
void of course


One Single Impression posts: Thanks to Nancy Bea Miller of Genre Cookshop for this week's prompt, farewells.

Abstract image created on Bamboo Fun with Adobe Photoshop Elements 5, Pixia and Irfanview.



anthonynorth said...

Some great reflections. Really liked the second - being enveloped, as it were.

SandyCarlson said...

Goodbye to winter! Yesterday's skies were full of clouds washed gray at midday--remnants of night still trying to find itself in Daylight Savings Time, I think. Your poems make me think of how the farewell to winter folds itself into a hello to spring.

Sij said...

Nice work..i have said farewell to so many days this way

Gledwood said...


Gordon Mason said...

Like the country road, and the moon treks. Such slow motion captured in words.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful turning wheel of images!

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Anonymous said...

interesting take !!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Clouds are washing my world gray at the moment.....I am in desperate need of sunshine!

Quiet Paths said...

Oh, I like these. The moon - I know of which you write. I would like to dump some sugar down those skiddoos however.

Anonymous said...

beautiful observations! I can indentify with each one.

Maggie said...

My favorite:

country road
disappears in the gap
foothills close in

I truely miss the dirt roads of my youth and I do not care for the ever moving cities changing the small town way of life.

I guess I am just seeing so much of what we contend with now and comparing the quiet pace of a life lived beside dirt roads.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

For some reason this one makes me think of an episode of "Sharpe" with Sean Bean:

'country road
disappears in the gap
foothills close in'

Has a Peninsular War sense memory about it.

Jeeves said...

This one

country road
disappears in the gap
foothills close in

is my favourite. Love the feel

Beth P. said...

Hi Tumblewords--
I'm with Quiet Paths and the sugar route...

Love the moon
void of course

I feel that way occasionally...less often than used to!

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

"country road
disappears in the gap
foothills close in"

You took me back to the Mississippi Delta with this one ... dirt roads being reclaimed by cotton fields, soy beans, and catfish farms.

Jim said...

Well, Sue, these are all very nice. I don't understand the final one, but I could guess.
I identify with the others, with this second one the most, along with John Denver:

country road
disappears in the gap
foothills close in

No aspect? Any moon treks? How about those (NOT) signs? Void of course. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh..this was terrific..enjoyed all these lines-

Ana said...

The second one is indeed very well done. My favorite too...

marde said...

The second and fourth are my favorites, for very different reasons. Love the simple, apt image of the country road disappearing, and love the sense of being in the realm of wonder, mystery and what feels like a play on words in the last one!

Anonymous said...

so many farewells, in lovely imagery. Thank you

Tammy Brierly said...

Very creative farewells. The art is alway devine!

Patti said...

I like them all- especially sudden ski doos! Can't wait until our lake is abuzz with the sounds of them- then I know it's summer

Anonymous said...

shadows-foothills-lake -aspect-void-
& farewells..lovely..many thanks..