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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Haiku for 3WW

Random Haiku


ubiquitous hats
burden heads of the ersatz
defy natural


devoid of burden
natural indulgences
...ubiquitous dream


burden of the glam
ubiquitous black dress
fails the natural


cowboys' burden
ubiquitous black hat
natural style


Thank you ThomG for the prompt words: ubiquitous, burden and natural on today's Three Word Wednesday site. Follow the links to play along with us!

Image created as watercolor with Bamboo Fun and Adobe Photoshop Elements...



ThomG said...

Wow, all nicely done.

"Burden heads of the ersatz." Great, just great.

PJD said...

Each of these is loads better than any of mine this week. LOVE the black dress one. The ubiquitous dream has depth of meaning but didn't grab me like the others, though. But I love the black dress one. And the hats.

Tan said...

Those were true Haikus ... nice ones mate ... I came here, after reading PjD's poems ... tell me one thing, are these prompts only for Haikus?

I dont know ... last week, I wrote a full length poem and this week a NaisaiKu ... is it that I need to write only Haikus on 3WW??

Confused a bit ...

Q said...

These were fun!
You inspire me...
Happy Spring!
Hope you see green grass soon.

anthonynorth said...

A literarey fashion show towards the end there. Enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

I like the second one - it's kind of wishful thinking

as always, I learn another new word from you - ersatz, how do you pick them? do they just come out of your head? it's always educating visiting your blog, thanks!

Anya Padyam said...

devoid of burden
natural indulgences
...ubiquitous dream

this is the BEST! :)

love every one of them... wonderful wonderful play of the 3W:)

Beek said...

I know that I say this a lot, but I really love how your art adds to the poetry you write.

I like the picture the third Haiku paints.

Jeeves said...

devoid of burden
natural indulgences
...ubiquitous dream

Is my favourite

sudharm baxi said...

Reading this is truly a learning experience!!

soon i am
going to try too..

i am here
to stay
i am going to come again..

this certainly
is not my gully
but surely a different lane..

Anonymous said...

with 4 syllables, ubiquitous is a challenging word to use in a 5 syllable line!

susan said...

Like these. They read effortlessly.

Giggles said...

Always a pleasure to read your perspective played out so eloquently!

Hugs Giggles

Lucy said...

Sue!! you never cease to amaze me wether it's with a haiku poem or great story!

Anonymous said...

Those made me smile! :)

Anonymous said...

I like them all, but the cowboy one is my fav.

Sepiru Chris said...

Ooh, Tumblewords, These all tumbled out like polished rocks. Semi-precious stones. Smooth, cool to the touch, and lustrous.


Heather said...

Inspiring as ever! My fave is the black dress... :)