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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hiatus Haiku 3WW

Bone, the moderator of Three Word Wednesday says:

Each week, I post some words. People write things using the words. Then they comment here.

This week's words are:


campaigns awry
media hurls blame and stones
time for hiatus

The word image at the top of the post was created in Wordle Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. This specific image was 'wordled' from my blog 2000 Mythsteries and Other Pithy Shorts.


Lucy said...

wouldn't it be nice to take a break from this campaign circus!
great haiku!

paisley said...

i for one,, cannot wait till this election is over with.. i am inundated in all kinds of rhetoric i would be much happier not even knowing about....

Anonymous said...

I don't really follow politics but you're right about the campaigns

I like your wordle, looks like a shoe

PJD said...

I, too, first thought of the campaign. But I couldn't pull something together properly. Probably because when I think of politics, I get all serious and angry and bitter and morose. I can't write haiku in that mood.

I very much like yours, though. The hurling stones reference seems right... our media seem to have regressed to medieval methods from time to time.

Giggles said...

I do follow your politics....what a soap opera, definite need of a hiatus!!

Hugs Sherrie..

I didn't have you on my google reader....I missed you SOOOO sorry!!
You're in it now!

anthonynorth said...

I suppose I'm lucky in the UK. I only get the highlights - until WE have an election, of course.

TC said...

LOVE the word cloud! How cool! :)

And yeah, the media circus has already gone on long enough... and it's only September.

storyteller said...

I think Wordle is so much fun!!! I love the repetition in yours here and found your haiku timely and thought provoking. Well done ;--)
Hugs and blessings,