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Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Foreign Land for TOP

Totally Optional Prompts says: Write about a foreign country. If you've never been to one, invent one. Actually, even if you have been to one, feel free to invent one.

The prompt opened a new world as I rarely write poetry from this venue...

Harmony in Dark

tropical branches
reach deep in the night
splintering moonlight
into wee silver shards

I tread on earth older
than conquistadores
to a bridge spanning
warm rustling water

from the friendly dark
came a native bard
to share tequila from
a ripened coconut cup

in two tongues we mused
of stars and deathless dreams
in a night moist and warm
a night only meant for love


Noah the Great said...

Did you mean "conquistadores?"

I probably wouldn't know this, but I used to go to a hotel called the El Conquistador all the time.

Either way, excellent poem.

Tumblewords: said...

Thanks, Noah. I slipped up!

Stan Ski said...

Exotic - a place usually only visited in dreams.

Odessa said...

ah, this place seems very familiar. lots of wonderful phrases here, i especially loved "splintering moonlight" and "two tongues". i see what you mean about those warm tropical nights - they are indeed meant for love.

anthonynorth said...

It certainly sounds like it's worth a visit.

Andy Sewina said...

Sounds idyllic!

sage said...

I like the exotic feel and the sense of place that your words create