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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Poem and One Word

Totally Optional Prompts suggests a ghazal for this week's theme.

I staggered around the entire week and failed to ignite a tiny flame for this form. My muse seems to have turned toes up and moved to more lucrative venues.

Staggering did bring me to this site, however. Check out One Word. Even though I didn't succeed here, either, I'll keep plugging away. :)

In lieu of new stuff, here's an old thing that I still like:

A Spill of Dawn

ashes of the mystic
solid as the dark
gritty in its ending

totems and taboos
wrap the fiction
of belief

no amount of voodoo
can halt the nightmare
of these days

Watercolor by Sue


Anonymous said...

An oldie but a goodie! I hope the block doesn't last too long! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sue, for the poem and for the fun link to one word.
P.S. Hope you're feeling well

Andy Sewina said...

Hi, this reminds me of the song 'Very supersticious writings on the wall' Neat!

Lucy said...

It may not be a ghazal but it's a powerful, direct poem! Thanks (and for visiting...).

anthonynorth said...

You capture perfectly the beauty, yet horror, of unbridled superstition.

Mary Timme said...

You amaze me, blocked or not! The watercolor is super for this post.

Stan Ski said...

But each new dawn gives hope the nightmare is over. Though sometimes it just seems to recur...and recur.

b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

I love "One Word". Flash fiction is such a favorite or mine.


Geraldine said...

This was excellent. I like the feel to your words and the painting is so beautiful, love the colors!


Christy Woolum said...

amazing words with a watercolor to match. nicely done.