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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3WW Haiku

Bone, the moderator of Three Word Wednesday says:
Each week, I post some words. People write things using the words. Then they comment here. Feel free to join in this energetic meme!

This week's words:
brought to mind an earlier encounter with this weed du jour which seeded itself very near the raspberries.

tall sticky prickly
purple thistle, first-class weed,
avoid at all cost


Anonymous said...

That was a tease as the picture didn't resemble the first class weed i know that should be avoided, or maybe it's been awhile :)

Tumblewords: said...

Pia, this is thistle is growing at my place and embedded with other weeds which make up this year's flower garden! I've always liked the color of the thistle and only recently tied 'thistledown' to those jellyfish-dandelion-parachute like seedlings that float on the late summer breeze.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
I adore thistle! My butterflies also think it is a grand flower. The thorns are the problem.
Weeds, volunteers, Mother Nature's Gardens, the gardens the butterflies love.
Fantastic picture.

PJD said...

love the phrase "first class weed." And no, not because of a secondary meaning! I know some people I might use the term to describe.

anthonynorth said...

Important message. My garden isn't listening, though ;-)

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful! Both words and photo!

Practice makes pleasure profitable

TC said...

That's a pretty thistle... but yes, avoiding them is best!

Anonymous said...

thistles has character, their colors are nice, so why avoid them?

Lucy said...

wow! amazing how you can make a full story out of a few tiny words!
If my weeds looked liked that... I'd save a fortune on annuals! :))