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Monday, June 30, 2008

Doorway Haiku

One Single Impression writes:

Thanks to Pam Olson of Amputated Moon for this week's prompt, doorway.

colored night
surrounds her doorway
...solar lights

tomorrow's doorway

Original watercolor by Sue


Anonymous said...

Sue, I must be awful, the first thing I thougt of on that first poem was red lights.

The second, so true!

Jim said...

Hi Sue -- I like your watercolor a lot. There are all sorts of messages hidden here even without the hint of a doorway.
I also peeked in at your other watercolors, this is one of the more abstract in my thinking.

Thanks for your visit and kind words. I wish I could paint or draw (besides my portrait picture) as my mind runs pretty wild witout a brush.

me ann my camera said...

I love the colored doorway with solar lights.. we have them too. Nicely in tune with the watercolour.

SandyCarlson said...

The light of the sun finds its way--as itself as solar lights.

The second one made me think with gratitude of the medicine available to keep the door open for the people I love.

Great watercolor

zoya gautam said...

..from a 'colored night' to
'prescriptions' to a
tomorrow'..how many doorways..many thanks for sharing..

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Just lovely and delicate Sue. The water hints of doorways upon doorways. It is a beautiful one.


Anonymous said...


Did your poems inspire the watercolor or the other way around. Both are tightly entwined. The poems are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Saw a beautiful rainbow today. I was reminded of you. :)

Anonymous said...

As we harness the energy of sunlight to guide us through the night, so to do we harness the medicinal properties of nature to guide us through the pain.

You have harnessed the words and the imagery so well.

Pirate Princess said...

I've never seen solar lights - they sound beautiful! Your watercolors are always so enchanting!

Anonymous said...

two very thoughtful kuz.. watercolors are one of the best mediums.. it is beautiful and complements yr kuz very well

paisley said...

i envision a rainbow in the first one...

Raven said...

Lovely water color. I especially like the first of the haikus.

Noah the Great said...

Wonderous! As always!