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Sunday, December 30, 2007


finest lace
papers windowpane
winter rime


chilly sunlight
sneaks through the glass
brightens frost

Digital Photo by Sue
Prompt by One Deep Breath: Frost


spacedlaw said...

Frost as winter rime? That is a beautiful image.
Thanks for lettinG me know that my haiga was on at ODB!
Happy New YeAR.

rel said...

I love the frost and the play of light on the windows.
Well thought.

SandyCarlson said...

That's wonderful. I'm with spacedlaw on "winter rime." Magic! Happy New Year!

SandyCarlson said...

I am reposting because I don't know what Blogger just did with my comment.

This is marvelous. I'm with spaced law in "winter rime"--beautiful image.

Lovely photo, too.

God bless, and happy new year.

Anonymous said...

That would make a beautiful card.
The photo in front - the verse inside.
You're really quite something.
Wishing you a glorious 2008.

longspider said...

I love the lacy window rime! What a delicate image.

lissa said...

Wonderful description to describe such a simple thing.

Have a great new year!

Crafty Green Poet said...

fforst as lace - lovely image!

abby - the geek girl said...

Beautiful poems as always. Love the delicate nature of the first poem especially.

Happy New Year!!

Q said...

"winter rime" is so lovely! I find I am looking at my world differently. Looking at the "winter rime". Thank you.
I love the way you do this. I love the way your words change me.
Happy New Year.

qualcosa di bello said...

beautiful winter imagery...with words & photo

Quiet Paths said...

I'm with Frances: the haiga needs printing. A card would be perfect. These truly bring winter right to the window. Lovely.

Sandy said...

Very lovely...I can just see the sun making the frost sparkle.


Everydaythings said...

oh gosh just beautiful! I really love the lace bit...youre writing and imagery is wonderful!

get zapped said...

These are wonderful - the second one really brings winter home! Love the image too.