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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


gift giving
cowrie pink colored glasses
...offer illusion


heavy rains
final act of spring
ends long drought

Fractal created in Fractal Explorer
Prompt: Giving. Offered by One Deep Breath Haiku


SandyCarlson said...

The fractal speaks to the second haiku beautifully! These are wonderful. Thanks.

Crafty Green Poet said...

wonderful fractal and words

Anonymous said...

Its pure delight ..love your words

Hope you had lovely X-Mas

wishing you happy new year


paisley said...

i want a pair of rose colored glasses!!!!!!

lissa said...

I like the second one - nature can be so forgiving

get zapped said...

I like how you bring things to the surface. Thank you.

Have a joyful and hopeful new year!

little wing writer said...

the fractal reminds me of the inside of a shell..simplicity at it's beautiful best...it is nice to see all the rain and snow up here in the InlandNorthwest of Idaho...as always delightful..i think it is the tone of your writings that i like so well...thank you

qualcosa di bello said...

aaahh...the gifts of nature! the second really spoke to me as we are living in a severe drought area.

Quiet Paths said...

I can really relate to that second one... very cool fractal.