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Friday, December 07, 2007


much above the full moat
max at piano grand
marked moshers held at bay

munched notorious meal~
mellow Chicago Dog ~

moved elastic fingers
mustard fell on flat keys

A Pleaides form from prompt words at Poefusion: moat, piano, notorious, mustard, elastic

AND another try --

far above the palace moat
he sat on the piano bench
waved down to
groupies held at bay

pushing up the elastic
on his sleeves, he nimbled
fingers of his left hand
gnawed the notorious

Chicago Dog in his right
warmed up his scales
oblivious to the mustard
dripping on the flats


lissa said...

Fun poem. I like the way you use all "m" words.

paisley said...

i get a serious visual when i think of moshers being held back by a grand piano!!!! very nicely done..

poefusion said...

My favorite one is the Pleiades. But, both are very well done. I have not been in a situation with moshers and don't think I would like it. Thanks for your contribution. Have a nice weekend.

Q said...

You gave me a nice laugh tonight!
Moshers and Chicago Dogs!! Thank you. I just love the way your mind works.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Both are fun! I especially liked this image:
"oblivious to the mustard
dripping on the flats."
Mad Kane

david santos said...

I passed to read this your work, that is very nice, and to desire a good weekend

David Santos

Anonymous said...

Learnt yet another new form today, first at Christina's and now yours... this I loved. Thank you.


gautami tripathy said...

I have a rough draft of this form. If I get it right I will post it.

I like both!

Christine Swint said...

Tumblewords, both of these poems are upbeat and wry, with a great sense of humor. The scene is very vivid. I love your pleiades. Do you think you'll write another? I hope so, because the form suits your writing.

Anonymous said...

I like both. I could visualize and hear.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie)