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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rainbows and Reunions

Many of my high school/college classmates meet for an informal monthly potluck lunch. Yesterday was the May day meet and several showed up for the first time.

The obvious advantage of growing up in a once-small town is that you often hear, for the first time, stories of your family being told by others. Some of our group have passed on but shared memories create laughter and camaraderie among those who might not have been close in earlier years. We fret about those who face health concerns and rejoice that our group is still countable in double digits.

Last night I met online with a resurrected poetry workshop that fell through the cracks several years ago and was pleased to be re-grouped!

E-mail brought messages from distant friends and a trip to the hardware store brought me face-to-face with a person I'd not seen in years.

May, also a-bloom with family birthdays, has been a month of reunions for which I am grateful!

Digital Photo by Sue, framed in Digital Image Suite.

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Q said...

I can always count on you to inspire me to try something different with my photos.
Thank you.
After awhile a bird on a deck ball becomes tiring.