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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hawks 1, Chihuahua 0

ABC News August 8 2003 Feathers Ruffled....

Pigeons two-step Carara marble.

Lunching tourists throw scraps
snap Manhattan wildlife
pewter clad with iridescent feathers.

Muddled city fathers host a huddle
recruit hawks for falcon training
pit them against those city bred.

Homing in on strutting pigeons,
hawks attack like Mormon crickets
move on aim for bigger prey.

Chihuahua noses beneath a bush
tasty near-rodent attracts hunters
...yips and cries to screaming master.

Hawks' first error fouls the game
articulated coaches haul jeering crowds
away from New York's novel sport.

Pigeons two-step Carara marble.

Fractal designed in Fractal Explorer and framed in Digital Image Suite

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