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Monday, April 29, 2013

Trust for Woven Dreams #12

Thanks, Geraldine, for this prompt!

banking on
a four leaf clover
lucky find

 a computer sketch

♥     ♥     ♥


Anonymous said...

Here's to a lucky week, for all of us. Loved this Sue. :<)

Kathe W. said...

lovely haiku...lucky you.
Have a splendid week.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I hope you have a great week. :-)

TALON said...

This was so lovely!

Brian Miller said...

i have a good friend who can walk through a field and pick a handful of them...good eye...smiles.

a little luck is not bad...smiles...nice haiku

Anonymous said...

A wonderful little verse and loved the computer sketch. I did one once o a tree to go with my genealogy research file and was a lot of work, but finally got it to come out good, regardless my lack of graphic computer skills in that area. :)

Unknown said...

What a lucky find! Can always use extra luck - whatever the form!