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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Building Night for Sunday Whirl

Thanks, Brenda, for the Sunday Whirl #89 Wordle

brooding stars
broke night's edge
delivered little points of flame
along the icy creek

against the dark
tangents popped
delivered little points of flame
across the murky sky

rustling leaves
tumbled over snow
delivered little points of flame
kneaded ice, moved on

♥     ♥     ♥


nan said...

This is my fav of the day! I like the repeated line and what you created with the words!!

Anonymous said...

I too like the repeated line, and how it pulls the reader's attention to the whole.


Laurie Kolp said...

Love brooding stars and murky sky... and the repitition, too. Happy New Year!


Mama Pajama said...

minimal, but deep. I wrote of an icy creek as well - how could you not? : )

Anonymous said...

Nice star imagery! A starry 2013, may your wishes come true.

annell4 said...

Nice repeatition, like a heart beat!

Anonymous said...

Utterly delightful. I read it three times - I loved it so much. The repetition works beautifully - each time. Such great imagery. Thank you.


Marianne said...

Loved the repetition of "little points of flame." Strong and powerful!

Jules said...

Enjoying the natural flow of your words.

Thanks for your visit to 'Oddments'

Stan Ski said...

You always deliver little points of flame too... Have a Happy New Year!