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Thursday, July 08, 2010

now and than for Big Tent

Big Tent Poetry offers this prompt: Think of a few well-known word couples and let (or compel) one of them go a little sideways. Then set your mind free and write a poem.

now and than

each in hand
a blink, a split
a fist opens
and than flies up
to spite the face of now

to hold them
at the same time
is a ticket
off the slickest slope

where buttered
bread lands
dry side down
a dreamy trade
when now is than

A digital photo.
♥     ♥     ♥


Diane T said...

Very clever!! Definitely a 'dreamy trade.'

Mary said...

You definitely went sideways here. It is word bending for sure thinking about now as than. Or is it 'then'?

Elizabeth said...

You are absolutely correct to tell us it is a tricky business to hold them mindfully at the same time. It took me about three times and then I was just grinning and laughing at myself. Loved it.


Stan Ski said...

Buttered bread, dry side down... that would be a first!

vivienne blake said...

Wow - that one really took off at a tangent. Thanks for the fun.

nan said...

Great poem. The last stanza is perfect.

mareymercy said...

Well done!

annell4 said...

Yes, I do love that! Thanks for your comments.

flaubert said...

Quite clever Susan
Love it!

brenda w said...

I love this, Sue. I was going to say the first stanza was my favorite, then I reread it. It's the whole dang thing. Clever writing with soul...that's what this is!

Linda Frances said...

So imaginative and creative.


Weasel said...

A wonderful and clever take on the prompt. Thanks for sharing!


sgreerpitt said...

I particularly liked the first stanza "to spite the face of now"

Deb said...

A treat to read your twists! Swell done!

Brenda Clews said...

Rather now than then...? This is what I come back to, as I read the verbal puzzles of your poem.

If I switch then for than, how does the meaning come up? Buttered side up, yes.

Now and than are juxtaposed with our conceptions of time and the future we dream... better then than now, better than then now.

Oh, I love it! A delightful poem!

Jeeves said...

Lovely one. Enjoyed the last para

Mory said...

this poem is very creatively written.

great poem.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

YAY for you! You did it!

Kelly said...

Mindbendingly good. :)

Francis Scudellari said...

I enjoyed reading this one several times, for the sounds and to catch new angles on the meaning. I feel the joy of possessing multiple possibilities at once.

Lyn said...

Dry side down..devoutly to be wished for..very clever writing!

Ralf Bröker said...

I like the last lines about the bread a lot. So clear this picture ...

Best wishes

Friko said...

I came to say thank you for visiting me and found a veritable banquet.

It will take me some time to explore you and your blogs, so expect to see me again.

I am a writer and gardener, so perhaps we have something in common.

barbara said...

both at once? I can barely manage one at a time

Sandra.if said...

thoughtful...very good!