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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Poem for Heads or Tails

Skittles at Heads or Tails offers: EDGE - "Any Past Theme" Make any kind of post using any past theme as your prompt.

I chose Mother.


My mother was gone
by the age I am
she might have shared
are nowhere found
there’s no lead
to follow
no clues to see
she didn’t go here
it’s all new to me
I write my life
by first-hand view
no warning words
no clear cut signs
an unmarked path.
I want to ask.

The digital photo shows Lily of the Valley blossoms as seen from earth's view.



Lisa - Life Is Like a Box of Legos said...

Lovely, delicate blossoms ... that only exist for a short time and are often taken for granted ...

Sue said...

Beautiful, both photo and your poem :)

Barb said...

You've outdone yourself this week. Such a heartfelt post.

I bet she is watching over you and offering up her sweet words of wisdom. You may think of it as hunches or intuition, though.

Andi said...

I hope that you find little bits and glimpses of the answers you are looking for. Hugs.

anthonynorth said...

You get answers thinking of her, I'm sure.
Great words.

paisley said...

...and need to know...

Lucy said...

aww sweet sue.. this brought tears to my eyes. So sorry your mom is gone... with Mothers Day a few days away..this was a beautiful topic to choose.
'there's no lead to follow' just so moving! excellent poem (happy mothers day to u sue!) xox
and I would love to echo Skittles words.. she is watching over u!

Grace said...

Very touching HOTS this week. Wonderful!

Rose said...

Such a touching poem, Sue. While your mother may not be here to lead you, I believe, too, she is watching over you.

lupusurvivor said...

oh, this is a beautiful piece. i also don't have my mother beside me anymore. thanks for visiting.

Paiku said...

I like this one, and its haunting, downbeat ending. The Lily of the Valley, taken from below, is a perfect accompaniment.

sgreerpitt said...

It's good to be reminded that there are worse things than dealing with an elderly senile mother.

Q said...

Mine never did have very good advice! I walk and learn and make it up as I go.
Sweet Mother's Day poem.
Lovely Lily of the Valley.

Mad Kane said...

That was very touching! Beautifully done!

Naturegirl said...

A touching post..beautiful prose..close to my heart as
I look at Mother's Day approaching and I "still" miss her.