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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sofia #190 KZZU Baby Idol Contestant

Please vote for me!
Sofia, contestant #190 in the top 20 of Spokane Radio Kzzu 92.9 Baby Idol Contest, would appreciate your daily vote April 27 through May 1! The link for voting is: http://929zzu.com/pages/4268136.php? Thank you!


Annie Jeffries said...

Hah. She's got my vote. What a little dear.

Q said...

She is so cute!
She has my vote.
I will come back tomorrow and vote again!
That was fun...

Giggles said...

I voted once...will do again... Adorable...she's worth the click....what a sweety. Looks so happy too!

Hugs Giggles

Geraldine said...

Oh, tooooo cute for words. COunt another vote!

Ive added you to my blogroll Sue, long overdue.

Hugs, G

Reader Wil said...

Sweet little girl! I'll vote for her!

Reader Wil said...

Are you going to tell us if she has won?

Redness said...

She got my vote ... adorable ... she's a winner already ;)

Omar said...

I voted for Sofia because she truly won my vote. I hope she wins.