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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Poems for 3 Word Wednesday

ThomG, moderator of 3ww Wednesday offers the following three words for today's prompt:
Flirt, Ploy, Stunning


A cinquain:

a flirt
with naked ploy
to capture the brass ring
brought the emperor to his knees


A shadorma:

stunning ploy
took the world by storm
and insight
a wordwise flirt spoke to all
sealed well-worn loopholes


The fractal was created in Fractal Explorer.

Thanks for the prompt ThomG. These forms are short enough to try without taking out too many cells. :)



Tammie Lee said...

wonderful and oh so clever.

ThomG said...

Short, but well-crafted and clever. Love it.

Sistertex said...

Very good. I love this idea. My OH is SO into fractals as well, something for everyone today! Thank you.

RA said...

Wonderful! Your cells are very good at this :)

anthonynorth said...

Very clever as always. And here's me just trying to get used to poetry forms and you throw another one in ;-)

Danny Wise said...

Phew, dead good!

lissa said...

I read the first one with "naked boy", don't know where my mind went... as always I like that you try new poetic forms, I wish I could do that often but at last, I could not discipline myself even with short forms

quin browne said...

i remain impressed by your ability...

Lucy said...

sue! you always amaze me with your creative flare! good goin' mama!

Jeeves said...

First one is my fav

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

These are clever. I don't know why, but my mind wants to ascribe vague political meanings to them.

sudharm baxi said...

Agree with all, good one..

loved this - "sealed well-worn loopholes"

Beek said...

I like how you used the words, and I really like the art that goes with the post. Well done!

ladygarfield said...

with each visit to your blog, i learn something new, and enjoy the pictures and the tumbling-words enormously. thankyou.

maglomaniac said...

and dese diff styles just pulled me