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Friday, January 02, 2009


wrapped in stolen rags
one step ahead of wind
near the orange of dusk
where melancholy sucked
the marrow from her bones
a stutter of hesitation
roused her from repose
blew across the grate
rattled against cobblestones
and caused the owls to moan
viduity was her final miswrite
nightmare of the soul

Poefusion Friday 5 prompts with these words: hesitation, miswrite, orange, repose, viduity

Thanks, Michelle!
Fractal created in Sterling 2.



Dave King said...

Very clever the way you worked viduity in. Well done.

paisley said...

i feel more loneliness than homelessness here... more lack of will to live,,, than life itself....

Anonymous said...

very creative in your use of the five words, I especially like - a stutter hesitation, you paint a pretty suck image

poefusion said...

You've taken a homeless woman from the streets and given her a home in our hearts with your words, even with her grim outlook. I hate to think of people/ families living on the streets during this time of year. It has to be difficult not knowing where one will sleep or get their next meal. Well written, Tumblewords. Hope your new year is going well. Have a nice day.

storyteller said...

Such a poetic weaving of these words to create a vividly haunting image to accompany the lovely Fractal.
Hugs and blessings,

storyteller said...

I'm back again to let you know I've left the Van Gogh's Ear Award for you at Small Reflections. You're definitely one of the most creative bloggers I know!
Hugs and blessings,

Michael Serafin-St. John said...

http://www.wordwarriors.wayne.edu/list.php is a new site at Wayne State University which promotes words which should not be bound up unused in the dictionary, but celebrated. "Viduity", I confess, I'd never encountered before, but now that I have, its silky smooth texture makes me want to nominate it for their list of words that need preserving.