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Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold and Crazy

freezing fog
hangs low as rain clouds
ashen gray


solstice point
winter day unrolls
meets noon dusk


cabin fever climbs


Haiku Friday offers 'cold and crazy' as the Friday theme. Winter in the north has displayed both words and more!



sgreerpitt said...

the photo makes me think of rich, velvety vanilla icing on a chocolate cake -- sweet and fluffy.
The verses do indeed capture the prompt's "cold and crazy"!

ya ya's mom said...

what a beautiful way you have with words!

Dave King said...

The haiku say it beautifully as always.

storyteller said...

Oh my ... this DOES look ever so cold to me! I suppose 'flaunting' our way too warm weather in So Cal didn't 'fit' with the 'theme' I didn't know existed until now. I agree with Ya Ya's Mom ... you have an amazing way with words and haiku.
Hugs and blessings,

RW said...

This inversion is a killer it is zapping my creativity! Good to see your creative continues on! :D

paisley said...

we don't get snow... usually lots of gray and gloom and rain,, but this year it has been beautiful,,, like spring every day... we need the water tho desperately so i am hoping we do get some rain,, or we will burn in the summer......