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Monday, July 16, 2007


spring runoff
floods low flung washes
lichen spreads

shadowy rivers
hold root bound secrets of birch
clouds eclipse the moon

rain alters
massive limestone cliffs
hourglass sand

planes the indigo
waking waves

Cedar Creek, photo by Breanna Combs, Auburn, WA

For One Deep Breath Poetry


Crafty Green Poet said...

this is a lovely series!

Pauline said...

individually they're lovely, together they make a song

Anonymous said...

"planes the indigo." wow, that line is a winner.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

lovely series, I also thought "planes the indigo" a wonderful phrase. My favorite, the second one with the root bound secrets, the clouds and moon set the scene and gave more weight to the secrets, my mind was searching for them.

get zapped said...

I love the imagery these present. You captured so much so simply.

claireylove said...

The last one's my favourite ~ 'waking waves' sounds just wonderful.

Heartful said...

I love the sound of these, I love how "floods low flung washes" evoked the sound of rushing water. I also loved "hold root bound secrets of birch", and "planes the indigo". These lines took me somewhere and left me feeling reflective.

Plain Foolish said...

"Rootbound secrets" by "shadowy rivers" Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

if I called this a picturesque poem would that make sense? it paints a beautiful picture

Patois42 said...

I love that each part shows how one is affected by another. I, too, adore "planes the indigo," but I can't ignore "hourglass sand."

Anonymous said...

You have a great gift for final stanzas, judging from this poem and "Going Home Again." Both of them really work, I think.

Tumblewords: said...

What lovely comments! Thank you, all!

Marie said...

"planes the indigo
waking waves"

This was my favorite too. In both words and art, you are able to capture movement so well.