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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Going Home Again

thrumming tires
asphalt hot
mark the miles
high beams spear
the double-dark of night

a country house
buttons up two knolls
panes of warmth
drag buried yearning
toward my throat

the Cleavers
suit and dress
children two point five
share a faultless dusk

like I’ve never known

morning’s breaking news
divulges to the dreamer
that private lights
aren’t what
they could have been

Original abstract watercolor: No Return
North of Summer, A Decade of Poetry is available at Lulu Publishing.



Anonymous said...

Really like the watercolor. ah, "what they could have been" not?

tagged del.icou.us (poetry poetry_thur Jul19 tumblewords)

Pauline said...

there's an ominous undertone to the picture and the words "morning's breaking news"

i like the image of the house buttoning up two knolls

Annie Jeffries said...

The first especially moved me. Reminded me of my childhood and constant moving. The nighttime sky was my companion as the tires turned.

Tumblewords: said...

Thank you for taking time to read and comment! I'm smiling!

Constance Brewer said...

This poem put me right in the place. I loved the line "the double-dark of night". I can picture it clearly! - Well, as clear as you can in that kind of dark...

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping in to my blog today! By the way, southern Idaho here!!

I love the images this poem brings to my mind.

Crafty Green Poet said...

'panes of warmth
drag buried yearning
toward my throat'

I love those lines. 'the double dark of night' brings to mind a deep winter moonless night.

claireylove said...

i like the quick layering of images in these ~ really paints a picture.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful water colour. Your words are amazing.

BTW, I linked your blog to mine.

Giggles said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! “The private lights aren't what they could have been" isn't that so often the case....Loved the poem....lots of heat here! Lovely watercolor too!

Peace Giggles
From just across the border!!

Marie said...

Your watercolor is vivid and amazing! I enjoy both the colors and the movement...

My favorite lines in your poem, thrumming tires...
drag buried yearning
toward my throat

What a gift you have! Nice to visit you again.

Mandy said...

loved the twists and turns of your journey and the innuendos.