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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fibonacci Numbers, Poetry

According to Wikipedia, the Fibonacci numbers are defined by a recurrence relation. After two beginning values, each following number is the total of the two preceding numbers. Poetically, syllabic lines would read 1 1 2 3 5 8

An exploding fad of using this mathematical formula to compose poetry caught my attention because I'm fond of haiku, senyru, fractals and all things brief.

Here are my first two attempts at this process. Fib comments are welcomed!

through grass
brushes bird's
fuzz to Idol do
chirruping commences on cue

progress ~
from gray old graphite,
still misses nibbling erasers


stebbijo said...

Wow - that is technical! I think the Unbearable Bob would appreciate this - he is real word master. I will have to try it - when I am through doing gadgets, I will become a poet. There is always something to look forward to as a blogger!

Naturegirl said...

A challenge for sure..I love the art image!