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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Widow's Walk

No where to turn
in the canyon narrows
fallen straws
coat the shade
cloak the ashes of sage,
uncured by crushed leaves
from black-green creosote,
ocotillo's red nectar
doesn't sweeten
the bone of chaos
that simmers in the echoes
of cracking camel backs.
The urn grows weighty.

Walk of Rocks, watercolor by Sue Turner

1 comment:

Word Tosser said...

Beautiful words and picture....
Did you know there is a true thing as a WIDOW'S WALK? It is an area on the roof tops, that women would walk in search of the sea, to see if their husband's ship was coming in, especially when they were over due. They are found on 3 story houses on the coast. My home town has many of them still. It is an area on the roof with a railing going around it. There is a trap door in the roof for entry.