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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Teleportation and Invisibility

With no desire to do the dusty pioneer thing, my bent has always leaned toward the future of self-mowing lawns, clothing not needing the rub of a heated iron and one item for which I did live long enough -- iRobot Roomba which does a housekeeper-clean job of vacuuming carpet and vinyl. Dirt Dog is now available to whip my garage and patio into a tidy shine and the robotic lawnmower is coming soon.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not lazy but it seems a waste of brain function to spend billions of cells and dollars blowing up people and structures in a losing war while skipping mind stretching and creative endeavors.

My mother and I used to design self-cleaning homes that would leave us free to pursue higher callings and, two decades after her passing, some of the very appliances we fashioned in conversation now appear on this side of the Pond.

Today, Danish researchers announced the teleportation of information from light to matter. Impressive. Last month, the mantle of invisibility was broached and appears to be a doable exercise for the near future.

Imagine the problematical. Invisible bank robbers. Imagine the positive. Teleporting corrupt politicians and other criminals to a distant island.

I'm taking large quantities of vitamins and finger crossings in order to hang around for the merger of sci-fi and reality.


Mari Meehan said...

Oh, how I wish. I fear, my friend, we can only watch and wonder.

stebbijo said...

"Beam me up, Scotty."

Word Tosser said...

In my senior year we had a essay we had to write for a Betty Crocker contest.
I wrote that we would have machines that would cook in an instant. That would thaw out frozen food in a short amount of time. That the household would have many machines that would do the work for woman so they could spend their time doing other things.
I was laughed at... it was 1957, little did I realize that we would have extra time on our hands, so we would have to GET A JOB, to help pay for all those extra things. lol...