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Friday, September 01, 2006

Little House of Woods

People who claim to be uncreative are those who often define creative as applicable to visual art such as watercolor, drawing, oil, acrylic, illustration, pottery, design.

I define creativity as that self who finds fresh ways to do old things or masters survival in a difficult environment.

Whoever first set logs in this fashion deserves a blue ribbon. Without scheduled maintenance, this remnant enters its second century and, while amenities are missing, the structure is still quite sound.

Mining vestiges in nearby mountains may hold the key to the why which brought this cabin builder to the where.

I salute the creative people who trekked under incredible hardship to an unmapped distant spot and erected a home with found materials.

Photo by Sue Turner 2006


Naturegirl said...

Well said Sue! I would agree we only have to look at the structure of old churches and the masionary skills used..a lost art today.I have an old window pane in my garden from a school house from the 1800's and I look at it and wonder what stories it could tell.the structure so solid!I feel the same as I stare at your photo.

Wriju said...

Such a beautiful post :-)

twodogsblogging said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog. I enjoyed this post and will check in from time-to-time.

Anonymous said...

I too salute them! Apart from having been very useful, log cabins have a rare kind of architectural beauty that is very pleasing.