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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Imagine This

I'm a participant in a local writers' circle which defies academia. Without a strong political structure, words continue to emerge. Without a strong critique structure, technique improves by leaps and bounds.

One member, a psychologist, refers to the body as 'Group' which carries the connotation of a therapeutic wellness bid. And it's true. We know each other in ways others do not. Sharing life experiences, current happenings and having seen four of the members undergo near death dramas, we are aware of the urgency of life and full of the generousness of spirit that empowers writing in a safe zone.

The number of books published since we began meeting is approaching twice the number of members. Several folks are not interested in publishing, sometimes folks are not even interested in writing but the sparks that occur during our fortnightly meeting lend encouragement and ideas around. I cannot recall a meeting which failed to produce a small tear and/or a robust belly laugh.

Newcomers come and go. Some find we are too unstructured to suit them; we have no president, we take no minutes. We have no dues. No obligations. We write as writing moves us. And move us it does.

Do you belong to a writing circle?

Butterfly Reflection created in Fractal Explorer by Sue Turner

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