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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Writing a Novel, Collaboratively

Three of us from the Post Falls Writers Group are writing a murder mystery. We began this project with no firm plot and little time to work together. One writer is not computer literate, one is semi-literate and I'm either good or bad depending on the project. The decision to write random, but pertinent, scenes when we weren't together, followed by brainstorming when we found ourselves within speaking distance was the route we followed. With forty-thousand words written we now face the daunting task of compiling them for a first edit.

Lessons learned during the Nanowrimo challenge last November are helpful but I didn't learn enough to make this an easy labor! A new software program has been difficult to learn but may prove helpful in the organization of these scattered words.

More on this project as it occurs.

In the meantime, I'm still creating fractals, brushing watercolors and writing random pieces as well as ramping up the digital photography productions.

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