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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Watercolor or Swim?

Unfortunately, it was too hot this weekend to watercolor outdoors. I recently bought the new Tree Toad Sampler Set from Daniel Smith and yearned to paint outside. Their watercolors are exquisite and I purchase each sampler set as soon as it's produced. The Tree Toad Set has phthalo yellow-green that stretches and moves like magic. I tried it as soon as it arrived but looked forward to being outside with the trio of new colors.

Fortunately, because of the heat I had the opportunity to help a 3-year old get beyond his fear of water. I learned a lot in the process. Reluctant to do what I suggested, he watched until he was ready, then jumped right in and showed what he learned by watching.

I'm tired, giggled out and have leftover raspberry jigglers. I doubt the boy'll return in time to finish them up as I'll sneak a single jiggler, then another, and then another until there are no more. It's been years since I've eaten them and they are as nifty now as there were then. Some things change, though. The recipe is now on the Jell-o box so I didn't have to search for instructions!

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Wriju said...

Your weekends seem so pleasantly 'free-flowing'.